Corona processing frame
This product adopts microcomputer to control power regulation, digital display, operation more convenient, easy to meet the stronger or weaker membrane treatment of different films, with perfect protection circuit multiplex, the corona processor work more reliable, stable, mainly used for surface treatment of plastic film, aluminum foil, metal, cloth, electron impact machine is in gap discharge knives and blades of corona discharge plasma is formed by high frequency and high voltage, the treatment effect is: (1) through the discharge the ionizing air in between the poles and on the surface of the films formed plasma region of the surface of the film with the non polarity into the polar surface to modified. In addition to the air in the high pressure electric field ionization, ozone, ozone is a strong oxidant, can be immediately oxidized plastic film surface molecules, so that it can be transformed into polar. Surface tension is improved (the determination can be achieved in dyne); (2) electron impact, the film surface micro concave dense cavities, plastic surface hair coarse, increasing surface activity. Plastic film printing, composite, coating must be corona treatment can obtain good printing fastness and composite and uniform coating, thereby greatly improving the production efficiency and product quality, which is the recognized at home and abroad, the cost low, the most effective method at present.
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