Driver using imported MTSUBISHI module and realize the high frequency chopper, constant current drive, with strong anti-interference; control signal and an internal signal photoelectric isolation, with current, overvoltage, overheating, such as a series of self protection function, smooth operation, good reliability, drive below 8A all 110BYG, 130BYG series three-phase hybrid step motor.
1, AC220V power supply
2, the maximum drive current per phase according to the distribution of the motor.
3, the use of AC servo motor current control mode, accurate current output,
With full frequency sine wave control output, the stepper motor performance index is close to AC servo motor.
4, the drive performance of the motor is very small, different parameters of the motor can obtain excellent performance.
5, with a variety of sub patterns, special subdivision requirements can be customized 6, with offline (FREE) control signal (W.F input)
6, adapter motor: 110BYG, 130BYG series stepper motor

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