Magnetic frame

No energy consumption, no pollution, can be installed anywhere on a production line can contact with the material, space saving, convenient installation, mainly by rare earth alloy of neodymium iron boron as magnetic source, strong magnetic force, simple structure using long life, style specifications: dryer magnetic frame, injection molding machine magnetic rack, plastic industry with magnetic frame, trapezoidal magnetic rack. Funnel type magnetic frame, square magnetic frame, circular magnetic frame, grate type magnetic frame, casing magnetic rack.
Magnetic filter frame (alias: magnetic frame) is used to eliminate the ferromagnetic impurities powdery and granular materials and the liquid or slurry, widely used in: plastic, ceramic, electric power, mining, chemical, rubber, pharmaceutical, food, environmental protection, pigment, dyestuff, electronic, metallurgy industry.
Filter with magnetic frame is the use of high quality 304 stainless steel tube and N value of rare earth alloy neodymium iron boron, and the use of special production method. And put them in a fixed frame, a magnetic filter. When the material passing through the iron, by the magnetic rod attraction, the iron containing material firmly adsorbed on the wall, to ensure the safety of equipment and products.
Working temperature: rare earth alloy of neodymium iron boron normal temperature is below 60 degrees (at room temperature), if higher than 60 degrees will affect its life, higher than 60 degrees is sh value of rare earth alloy of neodymium iron boron. Temperature should be used when ordering.

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