High strength hardened gear box

High strength hardened gear box is a high accuracy with a hard drive thrust bearing parts of the plastic screw extruder design. The product design uses the technical scope stipulated by JB/TB8853-2001. The characteristics of the gear and shaft parts adopt high strength alloy steel material, the gear is made of carburizing, quenching and grinding process. Gear accuracy is GBI0095-88, 6. Tooth surface hardness IIRC54-62. In the hollow output shaft front end configuration over specification of the thrust bearing, bear the work of screw recoil, main bearings and oil seals and other standard all uses domestic high-quality products, according to the needs of the user, equipped with imported products. The whole machine has the advantages of small size, high transmission efficiency, low noise and high efficiency. Product performance has reached the international advanced level, can replace the use of the same type of imported products.

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