Three layer co extrusion film blowing machine mould head

Film blowing die head comprises a mould body (die, die, die heart tube) and a heater (heating ring) two components. First selection, is to choose the appropriate material. The second step is to forge a dozen, to forge the material into the mold parts of the rough, forged the molecular structure of the embryo is more dense. Third is to carry out the lathe processing, according to the design of the die head car out of the mold, in the lathe processing, as far as possible with the accuracy of the lathe, and technical skilled lathe master. The fourth is the polishing, the good car mold runner section finish better, blown film is better, no more of the silk road. Fifth is the chrome plating, the part of the flow of the polished mold is plated with chromium, so that the flow channel part has a very hard chromium, and then polished, can make the mold is not easy to damage and not easy to produce residual coke. Finally, a portion of the mold is installed, and then set the heating ring even be accomplished.

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