Torque motor controller

Torque three phase asynchronous motor is a kind of special motor with soft mechanical property and wide speed regulation range. When the load increases, the speed of the motor can be automatically reduced, while the output torque increases, and maintain the balance with the load.
Torque motor control instrument (board) is a new type of electronic pressure (open, closed loop control device, main characteristics is online speed changes, tension still can keep in the allowed range, applicable to tension winding products remained basically unchanged, the motor performance and winding can match, is an ideal matching device for mechanical and electrical integration of the torque motor. Control instrument (board) with controllable silicon on the motor stepless speed regulation, so that the voltage adjustment is smooth, starting performance is good, with small size, light weight, high efficiency, easy to install and use, long service life.
This product is suitable for metallurgy, printing, petrochemicals, textiles, plastics, wire and cable, papermaking, boiler, winding equipment, machine tools, general machinery and other industries, the winding diameter from beginning to the final stage of a gradual increase in the whole process in tension and linear velocity changes is maintained within the allowable range.

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