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Ruian Lanlan small equipment machinery specializing in the production and sale of film blowing machine, printing machine, bag making machine fittings and supporting. The company is headquartered in the national machinery production base of Ruian City Economic Development Zone, Dongshan, sea, land, air traffic is convenient. The company has a complete and scientific quality management system. Always to the quality of development, to the credibility of survival, with the enthusiasm of customer service for the recognition of the industry's recognition. We are specialized in the production of the film blowing machine mould head, air ring, blown film automatic air feeding control meter, torque motor controller, bag making machine cold cutting knives, and other recognized by the majority of customers, is a very professional technical type enterprise, welcome friends from all walks of life to visit our company to visit, guidance and business negotiation.

Company main film blowing machine accessories: film blowing machine high precision die head, air ring, screw cold cut fan, blower, embossing roller, the wind, blowing air filling instrument control, torque control instrument.

Bag making machine fittings, copper knives, cold cutting knife, a variety of spring, high temperature cloth, Nitto electronic tape, plastic punch and keen blade, silica gel, heating plate, a stamping knife, punching etc..

Printing machine fittings: glue stick, domestic scraper, import blade, pressure blade, a variety of specifications for magnetic stirring bar, paste version of double-sided adhesive, drive a turbine and a scroll bar, a shaft flow fan.

Other parts: color photoelectric detector, send photoelectric material, thermocouple, temperature controller, transducer, computer controller, a driver, a step into the motor, electrostatic eliminator.

Small peripheral devices: hemming received rolling machine, grinder, cut-off machine, mixing mill, mixer, mixing machine, color, pedal sealing machine, corona treatment.

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